Love & Baseball


Our Story:

  Blake: I met Amanda through when she came across my profile. She read my profile and noticed that her and I had the same career passion to also go along with the fact that we’re both single parents. So when I first met Amanda we started talking sports and she was talking more baseball than anything and it was pretty amazing. But then she gave me the horrible news: She is a White Sox fan. So yes, everybody you’re looking and reading about an Indians/White Sox relationship. Very odd but amazing. It’s one thing to meet a girl that has the love and passion for sports like a man does. But it’s another when they love and understand the game of baseball.

Our First Game:

2016 ALDS Game 1 Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox

Blake: Like an irresponsible fool that I am I choose to buy tickets to my first ever Tribe playoff game. And I had an extra ticket and nobody wanted to go with me. So Amanda opted to trade Black & White for some Navy & Red. She decked out in the Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn jersey my uncle bought me for what he called “The Run.” So Mandi and I made the drive to Ohio stayed in the town of Fremont. Then drove to “the land” and spent a few hours drinking beverages and seeing the sights of downtown. The atmosphere was electric, the town was buzzing coming off the summer in which the Cavs won Cleveland it’s first major sports title in over 50 years. So in comes the Boston Red Sox. Whom many favored to get back Cleveland with ease considering the Indians were down Salazar and Carrasco and no Brantley.